Why Singapore Women Choose Western Men?


Year on year the number of Singaporean ladies marrying western men increases, now at record levels. Are Singaporean ladies really finding their Mr Right or will this trend end. I think that the foreign man is attainable now and that has been inspired by the use of smartphones throughout Asia.

Last year, there were over 2,000 weddings between Singaporeans and a non-resident bridegrooms with the majority coming from the western world. The key reason is the more and more Singaporean young women are studying or working overseas. This has opened their mind to the chances of meeting their foreign Mr. Right. Additionally there are also a significant amount of Western men working in Singapore, so there are more possibilities for chance meetings.

The improving pattern of more Singaporean bride-foreign bridegroom partners is in resistance to the decreasing pattern of Singaporean groom-foreign new bride partners. There is no real evidence why this is the case but there is a clear trend throughout Asia too.

On the whole Singaporean women are looking for foreign professionals with steady jobs in the private sector. That is much more attainable than in Hong Kong where the professional western men seem on the whole unapproachable.

Institute of Plan Research mature research other Mathew Mathews said as more females wed people from other countries and stay gladly wedded, more will be start to the idea of deciding down with a foreigner.

Marriage counsellors have said that Singapore continues to be a standard nation when it comes to wedding patterns: Women usually “marry up”, by planning a wedding to someone of a greater socio-economic situation, but men usually “marry down”.

Men are still seen as the breadwinner in the Oriental lifestyle and ladies usually anticipate their spouses will provide for close family members.

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