What Western Men should know about Dating Asian Women


The Challenge of Understanding the Asian Dating & Culture

The differences between dating Asian and Western women are important to know about before you start a serious relationship online. All Asian women are not the same and each culture brings different things to the table. My personal experience is with dating a woman from the Philippines so I will start there.

I met my wife through a free online Asian dating website just like LoversBee three years ago. Before we met online I had never even thought about dating a woman from Asia or the Far East. My wife initially approached me and over a few weeks we chatted about this and that. Her written English was fairly good and we had a awful lot in common.

I guess after a month or so I started to realize I was fall for her and then wanted to know more about where she comes from and her culture. There were quite a few surprises too! The first things I noticed were the poverty and just how happy people were with very little in terms of physical goods. Very different than anything I had experienced before in Europe.

I soon found out was that there were a lot of scammers from the Philippines. Well watching U-Tube videos got me thinking that way and got me scared. In fact it is not at all like that and most of those videos are from Ex-Pats trying to make money by highlighting a bad experience.

Real Filipino Women are really nice and kind people

From my experience most of the women are family orientated, traditional, loving, kind and especially hard working. They are also modern, confident and pretty well educated. For them English is often their third language but they all learn it at school and get pretty good. They are taught American English so if you are British they will struggle to understand you initially. Especially if you talk quickly.


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Some of the things to be aware of…

Women in the Philippines will try and chat up a Western Man even when your with your girlfriend. They will make comments in the local language that your girlfriend will understand which just makes her even more defensive about you in public. As a Western Man of any age you become a bit of a celebrity and very young women will show their interest in you which is nice but also a curse when you are trying to build your relationship.

Dating Asian women from the Philippines is nearly always a positive experience as they are very keen to marry a older Western Man and it is not always for the same reasons. In the Philippines there is no divorce so once your married it is for life. If you break up after marriage, your wife can put you in jail for adultery. That of course does not happen often but it is the law.

We have a really good section of links about the scammers in our useful links section.

A Foreigner can not own land or a business in the Philippines without a struggle.

Basically if you buy anything other than a Condo your girlfriend/wife and their family have full legal rights over it. Once you are married the land would have to be registered in your wife’s name. There are ways to get around these laws but it is not easy.

Another important difference in the culture is that Filipino women are loyal and expect the same of you from very early on in your online relationship. In the Western World we date a few women and then settle for the right one usually in our late 20’s. In the Philippines the young women experience lot’s of problems with young local men not being faithful. That is not always the case but in general it is more often than not. Because of that there are a lot of single women who have kids.


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Your wife’s family are really important to her.

What they think and how you treat them can be very vital to a solid lasting relationship. Your girlfriend will likely have a lot of relatives and they will all hear that she has a Western boyfriend. Sadly nearly all her relatives including her direct family will then be asking her for money. They won’t ask you directly on the whole but she is under real pressure.

Try to stand firm and hold out until you met in real life. You can consider making small gifts or even regular payments depending on what you actually see and experience. Each family situation is different.

Now I have talked a lot about women from the Philippines and that is because of my own experiences. Women from other Asian countries may not be so confident with English so there is often a language barrier initially. Be understand and compassionate of their situation. Asian women in general are very hard working. Some work over 12 hours a day and are also successful. They are attracted to you for various reasons which include that you represent stability and a exciting culture. If you are open and honest then a real life relationship can become a reality.

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In Conclusion “Do your homework.” The more effort you put into dating Asian women and understanding their culture. The easier it is to build up the trust and confidence to create a long term relationship. You have a real chance at something special so take your time. I have never been happier since meeting my wife and her love and fresh approach to life is inspiring.

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