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There are quite a few myths created around the interest Filipino women have for Foreign men and this is nothing new. Some say that the women are only looking for money and financial security for their families. I think that type of attitude is created by foreign men who have been been hurt or scammed in the past and they are just passing on their experiences and making general racist comments.

The truth is much easier to understand if you take the time to understand the culture better. I was born and raised in the United Kingdom and on the whole in the United Kingdom we have a much more liberal approach to relationships, love and marriage. I have married a Filipina and we now live in the USA.

In general Filipino women are looking for friendship, love and family orientated men. Some are also looking for a bit of adventure but nearly all are looking for a secure and happy life.

Finding your one true love is still a challenge as some older foreigners are looking more for housemaids/carers, rather than modern women, wives and genuine committed relationships. Finding your one true love is still a challenge in 2019 and it take time to get to know each other better.

Online dating can really help from a number of angles. You can decide just how much of yourself you are willing to share and when. You can take your time and have a much larger pool of potential single men to pick from. Also there are not the emotional costs associated with going on date in real life.

I here you asking “what is life like being married to a foreigner?” Life can be good, more freedom, opportunity and a higher quality lifestyle from a materialistic point of view. For example life in the US typically revolves around being able to drive a car. It seems at times like many Americans have a love affair with their car. They practically live, eat and even shop in it. Unless your new husband is mega wealthy you may be expected to learn how to drive.

There are various reasons why a new Filipino bride could get bored quickly. Some countries will not let you go straight into work. For example in the US, even after being married you are not allowed to get a job without either a work permit or Green Card. Both of which can take a long time to be issued.

I have noticed a lot of older men here are working full time. Even when they retire they still seem to be running small businesses which are very time consuming. It really can be hard for a new bride to get settled in. It is not always easy to walk and local parks may be a distance away. The local bus services only really happen in major cities so it can be quite difficult to get around other than your husband driving you everywhere.

To an foreign man looking for a Philippines bride I would suggest not just visiting the Philippines for a week or two but rather stay for a few month. Discover the culture and get a better understanding of the daily life of your future wife and her family. Culture and family are very important and they may not be what your used too or were expecting. That way when she eventually joins you your ready for her.

Try to be understanding too when you first see your future wife in the Philippines. She will be on edge for various reasons. Not so much because she is meeting you face to face for the first time but more because she will be worried you will be distracted by other young women. When out in public the young women will give you a lot of attention which is flattering but can be stressful for your future wife. My wife experienced that on many occasions, even if we were holding hands things are said as we walked past.

Your new Philippines bride to be is not your servant. She will cook, clean and look after you for love. If you respect her and give her the chance to have a social/business life your relationship will be life long and very happy.

Please feel free to comment if you have a different take.

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