Real Life Dating Advice

Some things to watch out for if your new to online dating.

The idea behind Loversbee is simple… We want you to feel safe and secure while searching for a life partner. Finding real life dating advice online can be a challenge so we hope the following information/tips will help.

Never give out personal information like your email address, phone number, full name or date of birth. If your relationship is genuine and grows naturally then is fine to share some things. Just be mindful though that it is easy to hide yourself online and to do bad things.

A scammer will usually try to take you off our website… Typically to skype (So you can not see where they are from). They will have a good solid cover story that they have used many times. Typically a USA citizen now living overseas, or a doctor, engineer or soldier. Please don’t play with them as this just encourages them to try the same with others on Loversbee or elsewhere. Please report them to us as soon as possible.

If a man or woman starts showing or asking to see your body. Refuse or ignore them and report it to us. LoversBee is a place to find love and build relationships before meeting in the real world. If you start chatting and feel uncomfortable in any way then let us know.

Please do not give money…. relationships are nothing to do with money and are a sure sign that the person your chatting with is not the person you think they are. There are many beautiful (inside and out) women on LoversBee from the Philippines. Nearly all are hard working women with kids and they are genuinely looking for love. Give them respect and your understanding and they will give you much more in return. Western men are also typically hard working and family orientated. The cultures are different and it take time to learn about each other. However money should not be part of that process. Meet first.

Romance scammers are something to be aware of too. They will sound totally credible, kind and friendly but they are just building up a relationship to get money or goods from you. The tell tell signs usually come from the back of your mind. Is he or she too good to be true. Are they trying to get inside your mind. When in doubt feel free to share your concerns with us. We can make some background checks to make sure you are not making a mistake.

When is a person genuinely looking for love? That is not so easy to know. It is all about building confidence in each other and trust. A good person will take time to get to know you and will be happy to share things about themselves. This is called opening up.

The dating game…. whats that all about? The dating game is the language that starts all new relationships online. It is your opening line and how you build a friendship. The big no no’s are saying you love someone too soon. Being so honest the other person thinks you are a fake. Trying to hard to impress and forgetting that there is a real person who wants you just to be you.

Try to chat in the same way you would in real life. Would you go up to a beautiful woman or handsome man and say your sexy? Would you tell them they are beautiful to their face. No of course not unless you want your face slapped. Ouch!! Instead ask them how their day was. What they are looking for and find some common ground to talk about. If you like cooking… ask if they cook? Do you like dancing or singing then ask if they like that too.

If the person your chatting to starts to slow down their messages then ask them if everything is okay? Online dating is not easy for many reasons. My wife and I always used to say we are just friends online and the real relationship starts when we meet in real life. For us that was so true. We clicked straight away in real life but still had a big fight at one point.

Long Distance Relationship’s. Unless either of you is rich and have no commitments then it will take time before you meet in real life. Building your relationship/friendship online can be both rewarding and stressful. You are both investing in each other so it is best to be open and honest. If your chatting to several people then say you are. Otherwise all your doing is breaking hearts.

Meeting for the first time. In my case I had to fly for over 18 hours to meet my wife. It was a journey full of concerns and stress. I was walking onto a different culture and taking a chance that she and I would match in real life. If you are the one waiting for your partner to arrive then I would say be understanding to the way they feel. Especially if they have never been to a Asian country before.

Marriage is something that should not be discussed too early in a relationship. You may be keen for that to happen and try to let your partner know what you would like. That is fine but take your time and respect their culture too. They have family and friends who may have ideas about that too.

Giving gifts can be a nice way to show your interest. It is okay to do that if they are gifts from your heart. Send a digital card, create something nice online or take some photos of your daily life. Those are the things that bring you closer together. Do what feels natural and make sure your partner feels the same way.

If you do meet someone special online and eventually meet in real life then you really have been blessed. There are quite a few challenges ahead though as we discovered. Moving countries is difficult and time consuming… not to mention expensive. Try to make sure in your own mind you are doing the right thing. Remember if things are not working out then there are plenty more people in the world who are looking for love. It just takes time and luck to find the right one.

We hope you enjoyed our real life dating advice and wish you lots of luck with finding your real life partner.

My wife and I only ask one thing. “Please be respectful to each other!


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