LoversBee Update 2021 and the Future

Hi visitors and members,

LoverBee has now been a 100% free Asian/Western dating website for over three years now and the membership is still growing. I often hear people ask me if it is still worth joining LoversBee in 2021 and my answer is simple “YES”.

Why Join LoversBee?

The main reason to join is that all the members are vetted. So what does vetted really mean. It means we check every single member, every single photo, we do simple background checks when in any doubt or request additional proof. In practice it means that we keep out nearly all the spammers, scammers and time wasters.

Another good reason to join is that people really do meet and find love on LoversBee. My wife and I first met on a free dating website and we are very much in love to this day. Our motivation for creating LoversBee was simply to help others find love online in a safe environment.

Are we still on Facebook?

Yes, we still have a Facebook page but are not so keen to promote and help members there. The reason for that is that Facebook blocked LoversBee in May 2020 and stopped us from sending our link to new perspective members. The actual reason given by Facebook was because we had broken their marketplace rules 18 months before by adding our link to a for sale product.

We don’t like to think badly of Mark Zackenburg’s Facebook but we have appealed several times and had no response. The timing of the ban was strange too as they had just launched their own dating website the same week.

What is the Future for LoversBee?

More of the same and some continued growth. LoversBee is part of the Goldiers LLC group of websites which now include THX News (latest world news worldwide) and as the group grows then we will promote LoversBee. We are continuing to look at ways to improve the service, design and marketing opportunities. Nothing will happen quickly for LoversBee as it is at heart just a website to help people safely find love online.

Can I really Chat for Free on LoversBee?

Yes. We have a few common sense rules like no spamming, treat each other with respect, no sexism, racism or hate. Other than that LoversBee is really simple and friendly.


By loversbee1

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