About Us

LoversBee (2018- present day) is a free dating website that has been created by Ivan Golden and his wife Joy. We are a family owned and run business.

LoversBee is free to use for all western and Asian singles. We have built this website to create a social media based free dating website that can grow and develop. Our aim is simple. To grown and help as many Asians and Westerners find genuine singles. The website is simple now but over time it will develop to better serve our growing membership.

Free Dating on your Mobile Phone

The idea behind us is to give others a chance to meet someone special.  My wife and I first met on a free International dating website where we started a Long Distance Relationship. Seven months later we finally met in real life and our life together started for real. That meeting would never have happened if it wasn’t for online dating and we both feel a debt of gratitude. Thus LoversBee LLC was created.

We both hope you will enjoy your experience with us and hope you will also find true love and happiness. At LoversBee – free dating website, we have created a number of blogs to help guide you through online dating. We even have links to websites that identify scammers.

LoversBee has active followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


If you have any questions or comments then please do let us know. We would love to hear your real life stories both good and bad. If you like or don’t like any part of LoversBee please do let us know your thoughts. LoversBee is always evolving 🙂  Contact Us