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A heart felt thank you from the LoversBee team to all our new and existing members!


There have been a few recent changes at LoversBee and we thought you might like to know what has been happening. If you have any comments or thoughts… please do let us know. 



We have now tightened up security to keeps the scammers, hackers and spammers out. The security was already good and conversations on LoversBee have always been strictly private. We protect all the members information and would never share it with others without your written permission.

A new Help/Guides section has been created and over time will grow. This section is there to help new members and existing members understand more about how LoversBee works and how to use LoversBee safely to find your ideal match.


LoversBee Logo


Members may have noticed we changed our logo. We did like the old logo which is why the bee stayed however we felt it needed to change. We have not had any comments (yet) so I guess the members like the new one.

Server speeds have been low/slower at peak times. We are aware of this situation and have already made some minor changes. This is however something we will keep monitoring and working on as LoversBee grows. We are planning to start upgrading in the next 6 months to give our members an even better experience.



Still no advertising… 🙂 We do plan to eventually add adverts to help pay for upgrades and admin costs. There is no set timeline, so it really just depends on how quickly new members join. When the adverts do eventually arrive. They will be carefully selected and hopefully not too distracting.

Member communication has certainly been increasing and we do wish everyone the best of luck in finding their new partner. If you feel that a member is being rude, bad or racist then please do let us know so we can take action.



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