Why did a member vanish?

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When someone you have just started to chat to suddenly vanishes it can be for several reasons. Maybe they have decided to leave LoversBee or perhaps they have found someone and no longer wish to carry on dating. There is also another possibility… They have been identified as a scammer and their profile has been removed to protect the membership.

On LoversBee we are actively trying to prevent romance scammers, computer create fake profiles, multiple profiles and time wasters. We do check all new members carefully to make sure we only have genuine people.

This is not as easy as it sounds as the scammers keep adjusting their tactics to try and beat our security measures. Every day we have a growing number of fake applications. Sadly, as hard as we try the odd application does get through our security measures.

Members that send the exact same message to many members, especially if they are trying to get members to chat to them on Skype are going to be removed. Skype is often the romance scammers message service of choice.

If you are wondering why someone has vanished, it is fine to contact me loversbee1 or use the contact link. If we know more we can let you know.