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We have put together a collection of links that could come in handy for dating and beyond. Unlike many dating websites we don’t list any dummy profiles and we actively search our members to spot fake profiles.

Image checking…

Tineye is a free image checking service. Just copy the image of your perspective partner and one click to search their huge database of scan images. It is run by a Canadian company and is completely safe to use. When I was dating this service saved me so much time weeding out the frauds and fakes.

Google Images can also be your friend. It is amazing how often scammers use images of famous people so a quick search for Army officers, Asian actresses or young Asian female celebrities can identify a scammers image.

Dating advice…

These are just a few links that provide tips and advice for dating online.

How to Spot and Avoid an Online Scammer

4 Ways To Spot A Fake Online Dating Profile

50 Most Used Romance Scammer Photos in 2018

What Exactly is a Romance Scammer & How to Avoid Them? Youtube Video where you actually meet real Nigerian Romance scammers and their victims.

Romance Scammers and how to avoid them… Published by the Australian Government.




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