Filipino Dating. A Word to the Wise…


The first thing to understand is that the majority of Filipino single women are kind, caring and considerate. They are just as keen as you are to find their true love and to have a family. They are on the whole loyal and genuine.

There are some bad women from the Philippines and their scams can be difficult to spot at times. This article will hopefully give a you a few tips and guide you towards making better choices when presented with a warning sign.

Rule # 1 for any dating online is never ever send money until you have first met face to face. So many men get involved emotionally with the dating game and it is so hard to keep your emotions under wraps initially.

The more pushy/demanding the woman is early on, the easier it can be to see that she is a potential fraud. The fraudsters are often very very good at what they do and I got caught a few times when I first started dating online. The ones that seemed to catch me out were the love scams where the woman seemed perfect match and took her time.

The Filipino fakers will often use very similar traps to catch you. One very common fake request is for a sick family member, which is often supported by photos, stories, etc. Nowadays there is almost no reasons to request money be sent for medical costs or expenses. The poorer peopleĀ  now have access to free medical care in the Philippines.

When a woman or man you have just started chatting to asks you to leave the dating website to start a video chat then you should be very cautious. Firstly nearly every woman either has or has access to a smart phone with a camera. If it is a faker then she will typically ask you to send her money for a webcam or suggest that she needs money to go to a private room in a cafe. In all cases the woman will disappear with your money. Another related scam is were you are told that she has a free webcam that is accessed from a erotic website. The website will request your credit card details and say they wont charge you. I think you can work out what happens next!

Another common scam request is for schooling charges or education related expenses. They will likely send you evidence of the School or College they are attending however one email to the school or college will confirm they are not attending. The idea behind this trap is that you feel as the woman is young you should help and guide her.

One of the more common request from rural areas is to ask for rent or to pay a utility bill. If you do send some money a further request would come shortly afterwards for another tragedy.

One of the oldest scams is the request for payment of her visa, travel costs and flight ticket. Often reinforced by sending you images of fake documents. As soon as you make the first payment a send request will come for unexpected costs.

Genuine Filipino singles are never likely to ask you for money they have values and self respect. They are just as aware of the scammers and would be very sad if you thought they were like them. Take things slow at first and eventually meet in person. The Philippines is a beautiful tropical paradise so any visit is always worthwhile.

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By loversbee1

Husband, father, hard worker and trying to be a good dad.