Dating American Men, Do You Understand Them?

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Dating American Men can be a roller coaster ride if you do not understand how they think. There are many American men who find Asian women very attractive and would love to find a Asian partner or wife. Marriages in the USA are not always so successful even though the divorce rate is reducing year on year. Sadly the number of marriages in the USA are also decreasing every year with less men now willing to commit to marriage. About 50% of first time marriages in the United States end in divorce.


What is different about dating American men online?

The main difference is that they are much more likely to date more than one woman at the same time. In general that is part of the culture here in the USA and the women here do the same. There are some cultural groups that only date one woman at a time, e.g. Religious men, men 50+, etc… So if you are looking for some positive questions to ask it then that is a good place to start.


Will your man lie to you?

American men in general do tell white lies to be more attractive to a woman. Typically they will give themselves a more important sounding job title, Only mention little bits about their previous relationships, slightly adjust their age, give no real details about their financial status. That does not mean they are bad people but it does mean you should be on the careful until you actually meet in real life. Statistically only about 20% of relationships online lead to a marriage and with dating websites like LoversBee that chance increases to around 30-35%. All our members have been checked to make sure they are who they say they are. No system is 100% secure so please do take things slowly and contact us if you have any doubts. We are only to pleased to give guidance and to keep our community safe.


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How to start

Please do not be afraid to contact a male member. They are already here because they find Asian women attractive and in their culture American women do sometimes make the first move. A good opening line would be something like “I read you profile and saw your photo, you look like a really nice man and someone I would like to know better. Please check out my profile and let me know if you would like to chat?” I am not saying every American man would respond as not everyone is a match. If they do respond at least you know they have read your profile so liked what they read. You could take things slowly at first and let the man take the lead if he is enthusiastic. If he is shy/slow to reply or his replies are short. Take things slowly.

Dating American men can be strange at times as they are often much more self centered and can seem a little pushy at first. Mostly they are friendly and kind once you get to know them. It is okay to say exactly what you feel to him. My wife thought I was a scammer after I refused to do a video chat. She didn’t believe me when I explained I did not have a camera on my computer (which was the truth).


When should I open up

Please take your time but it is your choice. If you expect your new man to not be dating other women or to chat about their interest in marriage or visiting you in Asia too early they will not be so open and chatty. Those are things for later on in the online relationship. The good news is marriages where couples first meet online typically last compared to meeting in real life first. Find out about his life, work, family, friends, interest and hobbies first. Let the relationship naturally grow. If after a few messages he asks for nude photos then report him to us as that does not show respect.


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Asking for or accepting gifts

Most American men have have heard stories about women asking for money online and my advice would be not to mix love and money. If he offers you gifts for the holidays, your birthday or your kids birthdays then it is fine to accept. However if he just wants to give you a random gift then it is really best to thank him for his kindness but ask if he would wait until you meet in real life. I really wanted to send money to my future Asian wife when we were dating online. However when she refused my help and I think that meant we had a even stronger relationship.



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