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Planing to get married in the USA, then don’t delay.

Are you thinking about getting married in the USA? Please Note* The latest announcement from President Trump about stopping immigration does not affect the fiance application process.   It might not be the first thing you think about when you start dating online but the process of getting married in the USA can really be challenging. […]

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Real Life Dating Advice

Some things to watch out for if your new to online dating. The idea behind Loversbee is simple… We want you to feel safe and secure while searching for a life partner. Finding real life dating advice online can be a challenge so we hope the following information/tips will help. Never give out personal information […]

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Dating American Men, Do You Understand Them?

  Dating American Men can be a roller coaster ride if you do not understand how they think. There are many American men who find Asian women very attractive and would love to find a Asian partner or wife. Marriages in the USA are not always so successful even though the divorce rate is reducing […]

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What Western Men should know about Dating Asian Women

  The Challenge of Understanding the Asian Dating & Culture The differences between dating Asian and Western women are important to know about before you start a serious relationship online. All Asian women are not the same and each culture brings different things to the table. My personal experience is with dating a woman from […]

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Are Filipino Women Still Looking for American Husbands?

The short answer to that question is yes! On the whole Philippine millennial’s choose to marry before reaching the age of 30. With their complete commitment to a life long marriage they make excellent wives. Many Americans are starting to realize this too. Nearly 14% of California is now Asian and the largest proportion are […]

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Why Singapore Women Choose Western Men?

  Year on year the number of Singaporean ladies marrying western men increases, now at record levels. Are Singaporean ladies really finding their Mr Right or will this trend end. I think that the foreign man is attainable now and that has been inspired by the use of smartphones throughout Asia. Last year, there were […]

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