Can You Find Me a Partner in 2021

One of the questions we get asked a lot at LoversBee is “can you find me a partner?” There is really no answer to that question as LoversBee was set up to help everyone find a partner in a safe and secure environment.

We are not a matching service in the traditional sense but rather a free service that gives genuine daters the chance to meet other pre-vetted dater on a safe and secure website. Dating online in 2021 is still just as much as stressful as it was 10 years ago. Our members often describe situations where they pay for a service from a established dating website but find it falls far short of their expectations.

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So why is that?

The problem is we are all individuals and have our own life story. Finding a match online comes with several advantages and disadvantages. See below for a few of the main ones:

Advantages in 2021

  • Much wider access to possible matches globally.
  • No need to meet face to face.
  • Ability to keep in contact around the clock.
  • Free flow of personal information including images.
  • Free video chat.

Disadvantages in 2021 

  • Worldwide pandemic has restricted world travel.
  • Spammers and romance scammers are becoming more sophisticated.
  • Online dating is becoming more expensive.
  • Levels of cheating are increasing in the western world.

If you are serious about finding a partner then it will take some work initially. Once your profile is on several dating websites it is time to sit back and wait for responses. It really is worth waiting at least initially as your profile is new to the online dating community and make get a strong response.

If a few weeks have passed and there are only a few responses and they don’t seem like good matches then it is time to move to stage 2. Think about what you are looking for in a partner. Check your profile and see if your online information matches your expectations. Many daters get quite a few romance scammers approach them. They are not always easy to spot so you should look for the signs that this person is too good to be true.

In my experience romance scammers want to get you onto a platform where they are in control. Typically asking you to change to a different messaging platform like skype.

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Image source: Pixabay, 24th July 2021. Photographer: Gerd Altmann.


Why do they do that?

Skype is useful to them as they can hide their location and chat to 100’s of daters every day. The romance scammers are usually quite young and often not the sex they say they are. Their main objective is to get you to trust them so they can ask for a top up credit, mobile phone, medical bill, etc., etc.

If you start to question them they have a multitude of excuses that sound plausible. They have supervisors that provide them with help that cover most situations. Because you are genuinely looking to find a partner they can trap you by making you feel like you really have a relationship.

How to spot a genuine person?

Now that is the $1,000,000 question. The answer is not easily. If your lucky enough to find someone online that is similar to you then you only have about a 20% chance of that friendship becoming a real life relationship. Real people can be insecure, have baggage, get confused, have complicated families, might have health issues, etc.

If you are unsure then take things slowly and keep asking questions. When you feel more secure that the person is genuine then take things forward by having a video chat. Even after you are chatting / video chatting regularly be aware that this is still only a friendship. Never give money or goods (however tempting) until you meet in person.

Long Distance Relationships (LDR)

Dating online will likely take many months as you live far apart. It is easy to want things to move faster than they actually can. In reality you are already working on your future relationship and this time is valuable. My partner and I struggled through this time as we only really wanted to meet in real life. The reality was that over time we became stronger and when we did meet in real life the tensions were dispelled.


Not all western men and women are looking for marriage. Many Asian women and me are. This can be a source of confusion at least initially as both parties get to know each other. Marriage is not easy and should not even be considered until you meet in person and realize that you are both a great match. Chatting about marriage too early on will make getting to know each other a slower process and is more likely to lead to disappointment.

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