Asian Women Dating Overseas Men.

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Dating online is not the same as dating in real life however things are changing now. There are lots of lessons to learn that can make things go a lot smoother and reduce the rejections. Asian women dating overseas men for the first time often do not take the cultural differences into account. That can be very frustrating for the man and confusing for the woman.

The following are a few do’s and don’ts from my own experiences. They really can help in the initial stages.

Confused woman. Asian women dating overseas men can be a minefield.

Some Basic Do Not’s

  • Tell him you love him straight away.
  • Tell him you want to get married.
  • Ask him for money to pay medical bills or similar.
  • Ask him to become your friend on messenger or facebook before you know him better.
  • Accuse him of being involved with another woman.
  • Tell him you have kids and start sending him photos.
  • Sending him photos of yourself in sexy poses.
  • Ask him to do a video chat before you know more about him.
  • Ask him if he loves you.
  • Ask him for a present for your upcoming birthday.
  • Give too much away about yourself in the initial stages.
  • Lie or stretch the truth.
  • Ask him to visit you. That will come later on in the friendship.
  • Trust him until you know more about him.

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Things to Do

  • Be honest and friendly.
  • Listen and answer his questions.
  • Take your time getting to know him. It is not a race.
  • Find out a little more about his culture.
  • Work out the best times to message/chat.
  • Remember it is not a relationship until you meet in real life.

Take Your Time or Even a Break

Online dating can be hard work and even draining. You are sharing your emotions with a stranger and if things start to go wrong it can be easy to feel like your in a trap. I hear from many women about how they are not getting on but are too afraid to move on. There is no real answer as this is your own personal journey and only you can decide what is right and wrong.

Some Asian women dating overseas men have described how heart broken they are when their long distance relationship doesn’t work out. Especially if they were expecting the man to visit for the first time, or the man just stops communicating for no reason.

For every bad experience there are many others that work out just fine. Online dating can and does work. Just give it time. If you need more help then please try LoversBee’s blogs and help section. We are here to help!

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