Are Filipino Women Still Looking for American Husbands?

The short answer to that question is yes!

On the whole Philippine millennial’s choose to marry before reaching the age of 30. With their complete commitment to a life long marriage they make excellent wives. Many Americans are starting to realize this too.

Nearly 14% of California is now Asian and the largest proportion are Filipinos. The current divorce rate in California is nearly 47% however the lowest amount of divorces are still Asians.

Approx. one-third of the wedding brides throughout the Philippines are in age groups between 25-29. This means that there are a lot of young Filipinos women looking for foreign husbands and they are not too concerned about the age gap. Most Filipino women feel very protective to their foreign boyfriend/husband and rightly so with so many young women looking for a foreign partner.

Once you have dated and meet your perspective partner in person the work is just starting. Immigration to the USA is not that easy now with quite a few requirements. It is not quick too with some fiancee visa’s taking up to a year to complete. That is now the same processing time that it takes for you if you both married in the Philippines and then applied for a spousal visa. The fees involved have also increased so if you combined income is under $21,000 then you will need a financial sponsor.

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  • Elie

    Yes! Filipino woman still looking for American husband. Like me

    • Elie

      Hope to find someone who can be a good Dad of my kids

      • loversbee1

        I am sure you will Elie. It just takes time and a little luck to find the right man.

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      Hello tnx po

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        My pleasure Anna. I am really pleased you joined. Hopefully you can find someone special too.

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    Good pm.sir Ivan how are you ,can you please help me to find a good man here

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      Hello Mischief, I will do my best to find good men for you to meet on LoversBee. There is a marketing campaign just starting this week which hopefully will increase the male membership over the next few weeks.

      It is best to check the website at least once each week. It only takes a few minutes to see if there are new members.

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